December 22, 2009

Our Wedding Photos!!!!!

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It’s finally time to post about our big bash in September!!  Justin and I tied the knot on September 12th and it couldn’t of been a more beautiful day (even though it was raining)!0169

As you know, when I cover weddings, I love to capture the details of the day (One of my favorite parts, since it really captures the mood of the entire event). I mentioned this to our EXTREMELY talented photographer, Tiffany Atlas, and her beautiful coverage blew us away! Here are a couple of her details (after the jump!):0013

We wanted to support small businesses and artists for our big day, so we bought the majority of the wedding items on Etsy! One designer, Andrea from Everyday Grace made our stationary from her house in Texas!0019

Flowers were made by my friend and very talented lady, Mary Elizabeth McVeigh! We had worked together for one wedding and I loved her simply graceful touch to all the flower arrangements, so I decided to go with her for our wedding. I’ve been happy ever since! Her flowers were absolutely amazing, better than I ever could have imagined! My jewelry was all Givenchy.0022

Here’s amazing Allen Cline, stylist at Pagave Salon. I’ve gone to him since middle school, so he’s like family to me and it was so great to have him there! Also, makeup was done by the talented Fo sisters, Jen and Jess. Amazing ladies, I’ve worked with them in the past for fashion shoots and I’ve always had a blast!0029

Walking up the aisle with my dad, probably the most surreal moment of the day! And the sweetest!0086

Yes, we did an uneven bridal party, but they sure looked great! 🙂0095

Our cute little ringbearer, Xavier. You can see his grandmother in the back laughing at his shenanigans! The ring pillow was designed by Etsian Irene of 5eizen!0113

Apparently, we weren’t allowed to have confetti at the church, only bubbles, but someone didn’t get the memo (ahem, little brothers). But man, does it make for great pictures (and getting in your hair and clothes)! My bolero was handmade by another artist on Etsy, Angelika, from Tel-Aviv, Israel!0171

Big ol’ kiss!0176

Us posing for Tiffany and her assistant at Goodstay Center (we fell in love with the extensive garden in the back!):0228

His ring: Spexton

Mine: Zales0236


As you can see, it was pretty wet out 🙁 But overcast skies make for gorgeous photos, so we couldn’t complain!0290

My lovely girls! Best friend since we were 5 on the left and my sister on the right. Aren’t they gorgeous?!0304

I love how Justin is a head taller than everyone in my family!0356


Mary Elizabeth provided the beautiful birdcage for our wedding cards and we had a “Best Wedding Wishes” tree for guests to hang up advice and best wishes on the tags we bought from Story By Mia on Etsy! We loved the little notes!

0394 copy

One of our centerpieces (the other was a tall vase of roses and ribbon around the glass!) We held up our menus with wine corks to pay tribute to MY love of wine, sorry Justin!  😀 We bought the wine cork holders from Corkey Creations on Etsy! We also had interchanging lilac and ivory flower napkin rings for each setting, made by MandyCrafts on Etsy as well!0406 copy

Our last huge detail was the cake, which was designed by Dragonfly of Bing’s Bakery! The flowers were added by Mary Elizabeth and the cute bird toppers were a gift from Justin to me on our past Valentine’s, made by Etsian Cynthia of Red Light Studio!0389 copy


Emma’s embarrassing toast, recalling a particular embarrassing childhood moment! Oy vey!0448

Dancing with our wonderful parents:0464


My brother Mike is rocking it with my uncles from Texas, Tom, Chris, and John, THE EGGMEN!0474

The legendary Uncle Chris!0506

Uncle John, having an epic moment! (with Uncle Tom and Aunt Rita rocking it out in the background!)0525

Joey’s got the moves!0522

My attempt at disco and Justin just accepting who I am. 🙂0531

My adorable grandparents from England (and apparently I’m very surprised by an exciting dip by Justin in the background)0536

My Dad and Uncle Chris, rock legends!


Party ova here!0543

I think everyone is doing the “AHHHHH” buildup from Twist and Shout.0549

My Aunt Rita sing Say A Little Prayer by Aretha. She was amazing!0550

My close friends/family, Bart and Dustin Frohlich singing “Love and Some Verses” by Iron and Wine (i was getting teary-eyed then :P) and “Rocky Raccoon” by the Beatles (Justin’s favorite song of the Beatles)0555



Mom and Dad singing as well as Megan with my brother Mikey playing guitar. We were so moved that our close family came together to sing songs that meant so much to me and Justin!



Flower toss, what what.0561

Emma catches it of course…I think she cheats.0563

Half of our guests though this little stunt by J-man was HI-larious, while others took it the wrong way and were disgusted. Thanks, babe.0567

Alex, Justin’s best friend is obviously very excited in catching the garter.0570

Two best friends, very uncomfortable.0574

Cake smashing…0492


Pretending to clean up and then….0497


But we made up! 🙂0503

Hope you enjoyed and if you made it through all of these photos, I’m very impressed, because I ended up putting alot more up than expected!

Next post on our life should be ARUBA, the honeymoon! Man I want to go back, just typing about it!

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  1. Hi Katie!

    I love your pictures! It is so fun seeing you all grown up and married. I remember you and Sam sitting outside of my classroom singing “Skiddermerrinkydinkydink!” Good Times!

    You’re wedding was so lovely and I love the lilac dresses. Hope you and Justin are enjoying your first Christmas!

    God bless and Merry Christmas!
    The artist formerly known as Miss Brindle ; )

  2. P.S. Very much looking forward to seeing Aruba through your lens!

  3. the photos are incredible and you have FAB taste MKB. U look so beautiful!

  4. kateslens says:

    Thanks so much, it was such an amazing day!

    Ann, I feel like that was yesterday 😛 I still can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I’ve graduated! Time goes so quickly, hope you are doing great, enjoying the married life as well! 🙂

    Sarah, can’t wait to do the AML piece about these fantastic Etsy artists!

  5. Twisted Crystals says:

    These are fantastic…
    I love your dress, the flowers… and you honestly can’t tell it was raining in half of the out side shots.

    : )

  6. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Love your invites and your cake topper is so cute. I may have to steal that idea.

  7. Margaret says:

    so pretty, you both look so happy!

  8. Grandad and Eliza says:

    Thank you. You both look so beautiful and happy. So very glad we shared your very special day.

  9. kateslens says:

    Thanks everyone! 🙂

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