November 3, 2009

Mad Sweet Pangs


Now that the blog is up and alive again, I need to update on all that’s been going on over here for the past year!

Starting last winter with these cool cats:

IMG_0596We did something different with the shoot, bringing in two strobes to their jam session to photograph them in action.

Here are a couple of their sweet instruments:




Then we finished up with a portrait shoot out back:


Dustin (bass/vocals)


Jordon (Keyboards/Vocals)


Rob (Drums/Cajon)


Gordon (Guitar/Vocals)

Then we ended it all by watching tv outside in the cold, without plugging it in:



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  1. Tina R. says:

    Well first, welcome to Exton! Hubby and I live here too and love it – though I am jealous of your recent ‘no sales tax’ over in DE.

    I am in LOVE with your photography! Especially these above photos. I’ve been getting really into photography over the past few years so I have grown quite an appreciation and you have a natural eye that is just amazing! I would love to hear and feedback or tips on how you create some of these effects in your photos…I’m always looking for ways to improve =)

  2. kateslens says:

    Thanks Tina! Would love to connect sometime since you are so close! 🙂

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